Spirits and Style in Savannah (The Grey)

The Grey epitomizes the city’s entry into the modern era of Southern living

-By Jillian Hillard

The Grey

Savannah has its fair share of charm, delicious cuisine and classic style, but plan a night at The Grey and you’ll find yourself getting a taste of Southern nostalgia combined with a modern dining experience you’d expect in New York. Local isn’t a trend here, it’s a lifestyle. Dishes are rooted in the soil and sea that surround the area, yet amplified by the sharp techniques of Executive Chef and Partner Mashama Bailey.

On one end of the starter spectrum are the colorful beets with goat cheese and a touch lemon – they’re fresh with a melt in your mouth quality. But it’s the simple delight of creamy burratta on grilled bread with earthy, roasted mushrooms that begs the question, how can they go up from here … and yet they do.


For entrees, this restaurant is all about the fish. Whether a whole catch of the day roasted and boldly flavored with seasonal citrus or the signature Fish Tangine, Chef Bailey knows how to make the uniqueness of each fish shine with well paired flavors and local produce.


However, the real spirit of The Grey lies in the décor and the drinks. If you can only muster a stop at The Grey, the ambiance says it all as Founding Parner Johno Morisano settled on restoring a Greyhound Bus Terminal for the restaurant’s location. It’s ok to revel at how old architecture meets modern in this cool location while you sip on crafty cocktails that are well worth the wait to prepare. In Savannah, if you want to be seen and stylish, start here. http://www.thegreyrestaurant.com

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