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The Southern Blueprint

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Southern Blueprint! Our goal is to bring you compelling articles about fun things to do in the South as we highlight the works of southern vendors, and tell you the stories of all the wonderful people we meet and establishments that we visit.


The South

The South is truly an amazing place with a rich heritage, tradition, and a deep-rooted culture. Yet, that’s not all we are about. There is a renaissance taking place in the south where some of the old barriers are being tested and pushed.

We are not the 1960’s, we are not the headline news of bigotry and hatred…we are much more than that. Even though problems of the past still linger we are propelling southern charm into a new age … an age where we unshackle all the evils and showcase to the world our food, our drink, our music, our love, our manners and the very best of what we have to offer… collectively.


This site will be a beacon of what the south truly is … amazing. Here you won’t find political banter or points of view that alienates certain people or groups. Here, you are all welcome. We all make up this wonderful region and I believe in spite of our differences and in many ways because of them, the south is one of the greatest places to live in the world.

More content will be coming soon as we are just ramping up! We really hope you enjoy what you see and read. If you have any questions or would like to partner in any way, please contact us at thesouthernblueprint@gmail.com

Thank you guys so much for your love and support! Cheers