A Day at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards


The day started out overcast as we pulled up to Pippin Hills Farm & Vineyards , yet the place still radiated beauty. The six-acre vineyard is settled on a southern-facing hillside with stunning views of the valley. It’s truly a captivating  place.

The vineyard itself offers a range of event venues such as weddings, rehearsal dinners or private events (it’s rumored that Jennifer Anniston got married there but it’s not confimed).

Their Tasting Room offers samples and wine flights, along with a food pairing menu.

We happened to go on a Saturday and the place was packed, so we had to make our way back to a tasting table that was a little less crowded. Although our table was still jammed with folks, our young yet knowledgeable guide worked us through the selections without much delay.


The Tasting




As we began the tasting, the sun decided to poke it’s head out turning a good day into an exceptional day. We eagerly worked our way through a 2015 Blanc de Blanc, a 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2014 Merlot Reserve and a 2014 Petit Verdot. I had the pleasure of doing this with my beautiful girlfriend Jillian and one of my best friends David (who I have a hard time taking a photo with, without making strange faces).


As far as the selection of wines go, I would have to say they were pretty solid, aside from the Merlot. In all fairness, Merlot’s tend to not do well in both Virginia and North Carolina (my home state) with the rare exception and their 2014 Merlot Reserve was rather weak, leaving a lot to be desired. However, what was really interesting was their Petit Verdot, which we ended up buying a bottle of to take home. It was surprisingly flavorful and in around 6 months it should be just right (it’s still a very “young tasting” wine). The Verdot aroma was intense with notes of vanilla, smoke, spice and leather. If you get a chance, purchase a bottle from their store, sit on it for 6-9 months and then crack that baby open at a party. The other selections were not bad either, the Verdot just happened to be mine and Jillian’s favorite.

The Food

Everything is grown there, and enjoyed there. It’s very farm-to-tableish, everything is fresh, local and sustainable. Their tasting menu serves up something for everyone, from their small plates to full entrees and desserts, with everything designed to complement their wines. If I were you, I would call ahead and set-up a time and table to do the pairing as there was little room to be had there on this day.


Make Your Plans

If you get the chance (and you should make plans now as he leaves are starting to change) plan a visit up to Pippin Hills. I recommend going during the weekday if all possible to avoid the crowd. It’s such an amazing place and ideal for an afternoon date or to simply hangout with a group of friends. The staff is very courteous, knowledgable and the view is to die for. I sure hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Cheers!

Below are their current hours of operation:

Tuesday 11AM–5PM
Wednesday 11AM–5PM
Thursday 11AM–5PM
Friday 11AM–5PM
Saturday 11AM–5PM
Sunday 11AM–5PM
Monday Closed






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