Roots Cafe


Great Places to Eat in Charlotte, NC

Roots Cafe

With food being such a huge part of our lives, we are always on the lookout for a new eating spot here in Charlotte, NC.

Roots Cafe, which is located at 2135 Southend Dr. Suite 109, has just become one of our new favorite places!

These guys serve up fresh meals with quality, locally sourced ingredients that come straight from the area. Their dishes are both beautiful and delicious!




The atmosphere is small, yet cozy … the staff, extremely friendly. The menu is diverse and every option is a damn good one. And wait time is no time at all.

Jillian tends to lean towards the healthier of dishes and on both occasions we visited, opted for the root vegetables topped with a fried egg, adding a slice of the bacon which she says “is a MUST.” “The flavors work so well together creating this fresh, feels like comfort dish,” she says. Adding “and the portions are just right, keeping you full and satiated, but not needing to be rolled out.”

She’s also a connoisseur of potato pancakes, having grown up in Jewish community with no shortage of both homemade and deli-made versions. While no one beats her grandfather’s homemade potato pancakes, she says Roots fills the void when she’s 1000s of miles from her family’s recipe.


As for myself,  I’m a firm believer in saying, ” Is it too much to ask for both?” Thats why I’m a Steak & Eggs or Chicken & Waffles kinda guy. Why limit yourself to just one thing? Why not have both breakfast and diner at the same time? Give either one of these dishes a try and you will not be disappointed. Beware, the Chicken and Waffles may not always be on the menu…but if it is…do it.

When you plan your visit, I would suggest bringing your appetite and just trying a few dishes, not just one. When you walk in, you order at the counter first then sit down. While at the counter, be sure to turn around and grab you some UpDog  Kombucha and be sure to try the coffee. They use Enderly Coffee from Charlotte, NC

Small Venues to Rent in Charlotte, NC

Roots Cafe, Charlotte, NC

Want to have a small get together? Need a intimate venue for a few of your closest pals?

The café is actually available for rent any day of the week/weekend from 5:00pm -9:00pm.

It is $300.00 to rent the café and they require a minimum bar tab of $200.  The maximum number the café can comfortably fit is 50.

Catering is provided by Roots Catering.  The full catering menu can be found at




You can take a look at there different  menus below. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Roots Cafe Menu


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