Belts & Collars with Tackle and Hollar

Here at The Southern Blueprint we love to showcase and promote southern vendors, making sure folks see what all the beautiful South has to offer.

One of the companies we have had the pleasure of finding is Tackle and Hollar. Founder and Owner, Klaus Schoening, Jr was nice enough to send us some of his product to try, and we have simply loved it.

As soon as we opened their package of goodies, I quickly gravitated towards this Ducks Unlimited belt.


I just thought it had that old-south classy vibe to it. I put it on immediately.

As I wore the belt around and as we went through each piece we were impressed by the quality, whether it be the belts, key chains or dog collars. It’s one thing for it to look good, you also want it to last.


Their selection is perfect for that sporting Southern Gentleman as their options allow you to go a little dressy, yet you can also go casual, sporting your favorite southern team.


We then had Mr Steve model each dog collar and again, we appreciated the fact that not only were they fun and unique, they were also made well.  Mr. Steve loves to pull hard on his leash when we walk him, so it’s important that the collars are durable and the stitching is not going to burst when Steve suddenly sees a squirrel and wants to dart off after it.


Now,  to give you a little backstory about Tackle and Hollar

Klaus started his business in his garage back in 1997. Tackle and Hollar is his retail site and his manufacturer company is called Moon Shine which they wholesale to college bookstores, gift shops and other stores around the U.S. These products are made in Wellford, SC which is near Greenville, SC.

His first belt was a Tickertape belt called “Stocks of the Dow”,  then he started doing custom logos and South Carolina’s State Flag which got him into the wholesale business to stores.  When Klaus started,  he would always work many late nights so he called the manufacturing company Moon Shine since they worked till the Moon Shined. Klaus then decided to name his website Tackle & Hollar. Tackle could mean a football tackle, fishing tackle or to tackle a product, and Hollar for your favorite team or brand.

They have licenses with over 50 schools and their sister company,  Star Fish Vision has licenses with Ducks Unlimited and Guy Harvey.


We really appreciate Klaus letting us try his product and we think you should too. Be sure to follow them on Instagram

Shop their selection at

Be sure to send Klaus a message and let him know where you heard about his products. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have! Happy shopping!



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