An Afternoon Getaway at Treehouse Vineyards

Just 45 minutes outside of Charlotte in Monroe, NC lies a small, yet cozy family-run winery called Treehouse Vineyards. The unassuming yet peaceful atmosphere is great for an afternoon adventure with friends or loved ones looking to get out of the city for some relaxing and of course, wine.

At an affordable $6, guests are treated to wine tastings throughout the day until 6pm. The charm of the tastings are the anecdotal introductions to each wine that share some part of the Nordan family’s experience in creating the wine. Treehouse Vineyards was founded by Phil and Dianne Nordan, who still live on the property and actively run the vineyard. You can find Diane behind the counter and Phil about the property with the daily to dos. They planted their first vine in 2005 and opened to the public in 2010, but the couple has been making wine as a passion for over 50 years.

Treehouse Farms 1

The name Treehouse, comes from the treehouse Phil built for his wife for date nights (also the name of one of their signature Muscadine wines) when leaving the property was not an option during a time she cared for her sick mother. The property has since built more treehouses that can be rented overnight or hourly.

Treehouse 4

After the tastings, guests are treated to a tour which details the journey of the wines on the property sprinkled with neat tidbits about wine making and North Carolina’s wine history. Most days, Phillip, Phil and Diane’s son leads the tour adding his own personal journey to the mix that also serendipitously led him back to the vineyard, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Upon completion of the tour, guests are free to gallivant around the property to enjoy the scenic vineyard, rock away in the rocking chairs scattered around the property and more importantly, refill their wine glasses. Evenings are usually accompanied with a band.


Now, to the wine. Disclaimer: If you are a wine aficionado and care not for Muscadine wine, this isn’t for you. But, if you can shelf the snooty for a few hours to enjoy the experience, it’s worth the afternoon trip. As a non-Muscadine drinker myself, I enjoyed the wine slushy most (Muscadine cider and wine of choice – Merlot for me as it was the most robust). During our visit it was a roasting 90 degrees typical of Charlotte summers and this was the perfect option to cool down. I also personally enjoyed the Liquid Sunshine, which was a nice dry blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. What I can say about the Muscadine both red and white varietals is that you could really taste the grape and elements in each. For sweet wine lovers, the Muscadines hit just the right spot.

Treehouse 3

Take an afternoon, get away and breathe the vineyard air, all while enjoying your company and Treehouse wines.


Article Written by: Jillian Hilliard. You can follow her on twitter @JillianHillard






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