The Frying Pan Tower

Lately, I’ve been yearning to find some type of adventure, an interesting place to visit, something new and different.

I found out about this place a few years back, but have yet to go. It is not the easiest place to get to, and it’s not your typical getaway vacation. Nevertheless, this place is fascinating and if you too are looking to do something a little odd,  and if you have an adventurous spirt, this may be the place for you.

The Frying Pan Tower

Frying Pan Tower 3

The Frying Pan was constructed in 1964, in the style of an off-shore oil rig. It’s located about 34 miles off the coast of Bald Head Island, NC, (lat & lon  33°29′N 77°35′W), where it was used as a US Coast Guard light tower to help mariners navigate Frying Pan Shoals for almost 40 years. It is now a bed and breakfast of sorts. Cool, right?

In May 2010, Richard Neal, a software engineer from Mint Hill, NC  learned that the U.S. government was auctioning off a massive light and weather station. The initial sale saw pricing exceed $500,000.  However, a provision restricting examination until after the purchase was completed led to a forfeiture of the auction. The subsequent sealed bid auction revealed that Neal as the sole bidder and  became the proud owner of the rustic platform!  Sale price:  $85,000. 

After more than a year of repairs (and repairs are still going on, mind you), Neal’s tower is open for business. The Frying Pan Tower has room for up to fourteen guests and includes 5,000 square feet of  living space, with kitchens, office space, fully equipped bathrooms and spectacular 360-degree views. There’s also a skeet range, a Brunswick pool table (original to the station), and a driving range stocked with ocean-friendly biodegradable golf balls.

You can relax on the deck with this view:

Frying Pan Tower 2

While there you can  also try some fishing or diving.

What it lacks in amenities, the Frying Pan Tower makes up for with its beauty and history. You have unhindered views of the sunrise and sunset, there is no light pollution, so stargazing is amazing and you have a birds-eye view of the sea life below. Located in only 50 feet of water, Neal says the view from above is astounding. The 85-foot-high deck allows visitors to see all the activity in the water below.

Frying Pan Tower.jpg

Guests are reminded that this is an ongoing restoration project and will remain so for several years. They have many volunteers continually working on it.  It is not an ideal vacation spot for someone who is accustomed to the finer things in life, so candy-asses need not apply.

The price to stay is $598 per person for 3 days, 2 nights

Meal supplies provided (open kitchen), Linens & Towels provided

You have to hire a boat to take you out there, so there is some extra expense on that end  or if you are feeling super fancy you can get a helicopter ride out there for around $1,275.

Here’s their official website:

If you want a peak at the rooms, click here


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