Monthly Delight: Coffee & Cigars Delivered to Your Doorstep



New to smoking cigars? Looking for new and unique options, but just not sure what to buy? Perhaps, you are like me and loathe going out to the store just to have some jackass sales clerk … lurking around in the humidor …  recommending things that only seem to be overpriced and from “big brands.” To help alleviate all that, let me introduce you to one of my go-to’s …  Ezra Zion Cigars monthly Cigar & Coffee subscription.

Ezra Zion


The value of their subscription is incredible and the beautiful thing about it all, it’s delivered to your door step. You get a different selection each month, so you can truly grow your humidor with unique sticks. The monthly subscription provides 5-6 cigars (which always features a new Ezra Club exclusive cigar) and on top of that, you also get a new 12oz bag of Ezra Zion coffee!

Right now, the subscription costs just $49.95. Think about this,  if you go to a cigar shop, one cigar alone is going to cost you $10-$15 or more (depending on what you get). You would pay at least $50 just for the cigars. Then, there’s the coffee … which in the stores can costs you from $9-$15 (again depending on what you get). So again, the value is amazing.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here are some of the past months selections:

eccotm_september_2018_grande  eccotm_october_2018_grande

eccotm_nov_2018_grande eccotm_dec_2018_grande

So, as you can see from the photos … you are always getting something new … something fun.

September’s selection and December’s selections have been my personal favorites so far. December’s “Ugly Sweater” coffee is some of the best coffee I have every had. If they have it stock at the time you are reading this, I highly recommend you buy it.

Now, I’m a sucker for good marketing and love their fun bands and artwork on their their cigars, but don’t be fooled or think its all flash and gimmicky. Their cigars are quality, well-made and enjoyable.


The Coffee & Cigars From Ezra Zion

COFFEE: The new blends of coffee are just as complex, fun and rich as the small batch cigars that Ezra is famous for. Using the rarest beans that are in the top 1/10th of 1% in quality, and privately blending and roasting them to utter perfection! Each bag is 12oz.

CIGARS: Orders will vary from month to month and member to member depending on availability. Cigars included will be from past limited releases and core lines.

Ezra Zion is based in Texas, and produce some of the best and unique cigars I have ever had.  You can opt-in to their email to get updates on new releases (just FYI – their selections go fast, and can be on backorder, so you will need to pull the trigger on what you want quickly.)

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I have been really impressed with Ezra Zion and anticipate getting my package in the mail each month. If you are are truly wanting to grow your selection and try cigars that you typically won’t see in stores, I highly recommend signing up for this subscription.

Of course you can get other items onto of the monthly subscription. You can always peruse their entire stock here:

Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram (which is a great way to keep up with their products)  @ezrazioncigars

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