The Charleston Bog


In a cocktail shaker, muddle the raspberries with mint leaves, lime or lemon wedges and Honey Syrup. Add ice and the bourbon and cranberry juice. Shake well and strain into a glass (I used a mason jar). Garnish with the mint sprig and/or lemon or lime wedge.


Ingredients :

4 raspberries
8 mint leaves, plus one mint sprig
2 lime wedges (you can also use lemon, depending on how tart you want it)
1/2 oz Honey Syrup
3 oz bourbon
1 oz white cranberry juice- (I used a cranberry-raspberry mix.)


Be careful with this one folks. You can quickly find yourself facedown on your lawn if you don’t pace yourself. This is such a refreshing drink but will certainly go to your head.

This recipe calls for white cranberry juice but I simply used a cranberry-raspberry mix.

I’ve also tried this with lime and lemon and both come out really well. As i stated before, it’s just depending on how tart you want this cocktail to be.

I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Jana D'Alberto says:

    Looks like an amazing summer drink for out on the boat on Lake Tillery!!!

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