We Are Charlotte Football Club

It’s Official! We are Charlotte Football Club


Love it or hate it, this is us. This, my friends, is our club.

We have had to wait quite a while on this announcement, but here we are. We have the name, we have the branding, and the rest, as they say, is history. It’s so exciting!

2020 has not been a great year, so to have this now, to see the name, to see the branding, is truly uplifting. I realize it’s just a name, I know its just soccer but to have waited on this for over 25 years is genuinely moving.

So, what do we think of the name Charlotte FC?

What do we think of the colors?

What do we think of the logo(s)?


Crest: Inspired in equal parts by Charlotte’s heritage and it’s future, our club crest is a badge of belonging to a city on the rise

Crown: The centerpiece, a four-point crown, representing the four original wards coming together as one to celebrate the royal legacy behind our city’s name

Type: An engraving-style typeface set in a bold black and white palette creates a unified balance of both contemporary and historical references.

Minted 2020: Also meaning “freshly made” commemorates the inaugural year of the club and new era for Charlotte soccer.


I have to say; I love everything about this. The name and crest are both classic and will hold up over time.

I assumed the colors would be very close to the Panthers, so I’m very pleased they went with that.

The secondary logo is terrific too and my hope is that the 3rd kit will have that as the main feature.

I was also extremely pleased with the roll-out video. Per usual, Ryan Bailey and Tiffany Blackmon did a fantastic job. I have thoroughly enjoyed their work. With little to no Team news coming out, those two have been a beacon of light, and I genuinely applaud them.

I’m sure it has not been easy on the Charlotte FC marketing team this year, trying their damnedest to roll this out. Between a global pandemic and racial tensions erupting into the streets, the announcement has been postponed numerous times, leaving people frustrated. “Soon” became the annoying phrase tossed out as fans waited for months in painstaking anticipation.

We all also just got the frustrating news that the Team will now start in 2022 instead of 2021. But, we should all cut the Team a little bit of slack and show some grace. I’m sure this experience was just as frustrating for them as it was for us.

I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled and genuinely thankful that we have a team. I’ve never lived somewhere and have gone through this type of experience. I never truly thought we would get a team.

I love this sport so much, and to get awarded a new team and experience this all from the beginning is absolutely thrilling.

In closing …

I’m just really emotional right now. Again, I’ve waited so long for this. I can’t wait to share this with my friends. I can’t wait to tailgate with everyone. I can’t wait to go to the matches. I can’t wait to share that first win. I can’t wait until we are all together.

I already love this Team with all my heart. We are Charlotte Football Club!


“Our name is Charlotte Football Club,
but we are bigger than one city.

We were born an expansion team.
We don’t believe in starting small.

We only know how to go big.

To play big, it takes all of us.

If you love the beautiful game, you belong here.

If you call the Carolinas home, you belong here.

We are made of North and South.
We come from around the world.

We play as one.”

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