Southern Shine Beard Oil

Over the past few weeks while growing the ol’ beard out I’ve been using  Southern Shine’s Beard Oil and Beard Balm. Based out of Texas, Southern Shine was nice enough to send me some samples that I tested and tried out, and I must say that, so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


It’s true that selling beard oil, or using beard oil, or talking about beard oil is the new chic and trendy thing to do. I get it. You see beard oil everywhere now.

But  listen, that is not a bad thing.

Too many men run around with unkept, flaky, shaggy, rats-nest looking beards that loved ones have to look at, smell and rub up against. They probably don’t have the heart to tell you that it looks like you have pubic hair dangling from your face or that it smells like Bigfoot’s dick, but I will … and it most certainly does.

To help you groom and tame that wild beast of a beard, beard oil will not only make your beard smell nice, it will help with beard itch, and you can form your flowing mane how you want. Along with actually helping hydrate your skin, it will keep the hair clean and looking smooth, and your significant other will thank you for it.

Throughout growing mine out, I tried these different products below, and I’ll give you a quick thought or two on each.



The Mint Eucalyptus Beard Oil:

This one smells great and a little dab will go a long way. I use this one at least once or twice a week as I enjoy the smell. However, Eucalyptus can be a strong fragrance so use sparingly when applying it.

Single Barrel Bourbon Blend:

The name is pretty amazing yet the Single Barrel Bourbon Blend is the one I have used the least. I do like the smell, but the aroma doesn’t seem to last as long on me as the other selections. Plus, I simply just like the other choices better.

Cafe Noir:

The most unique one out of the bunch. If you love coffee you will love Cafe Noir as it’s basically like having coffee smeared through your beard. Jillian really seems to like it as well and she said that it reminded her of a cozy winter day … what ever that means!

The Zest

Far and away my most favorite.  This one opens up the nostrils and awakens the senses. Jillian likes this one the best as well. It’s just a clean, fruity smelling fragrance that lifts the spirits. It’s perfect for Monday mornings when everything sucks. Unlike the Eucalyptus, I apply a lot of this … maybe a little more than I should!

The Shut-Eye Lavender

You either love the smell of lavender, or you hate it. If you hate it, this is certainly not for you. Me on the other hand, I really enjoy it and this is the one I use the second most (behind the Zest). Just like the Eucalyptus, a little dab will go a long way.

Southern Shine Texas Timber Beard Balm

Beard balm can be tricky to use and at times just a pain in the ass. I have tried other brands that you have to scrap the balm out with your thumb nail and it flakes off, and then you have to wait for it to melt to apply it. It’s more of a hassle than anything. However, Southern Shine Beard balm melts quickly, like hot butter, and you can apply it with no hassle. I also love the smell of Texas Timber and I will combine it sometimes with the Shut-Eye Lavender as it makes for an interesting aroma.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the products and will certainly continue to use them. I like that they are based in the South, but more importantly I like that they actually make a quality product.

About Southern Shine

As I said before, Southern Shine is based out of Texas. Started in 2016, their company prides themselves on quality and premium ingredients.  They also believe in customer satisfaction and building a bond with each and every customer.  Bearded brothers and their supporters are made up of a tight knit group and they want to be a big part of making those beards look and smell fantastic.

Their beard oils are made from high quality, hand chosen carrier oils and essential oils.  They select the right blend of carrier oils to help hydrate, soften and give that all day shine. All of their products are hand made with that personal touch to assure you a great product delivered to your door.

If you are interested in buying their goods (and I suggest that you do) Follow this link to go to their etsy shop: Southern Shine Products

Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: SouthernshineBeard

Instagram: @SouthernShineBeard

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