Helmise: Not Your Momma’s Alphabet Cards




If you are a parent of a little one, a person living in the majestic south, or just an individual who gets inspired by cute and creative ideas, you need to pay close attention to this story.

The age of the small business is returning , with the help of online shopping. Creative people with a beautiful concept now have the chance to really make a go of things. With an idea, some savvy marketing, and a compelling story, individuals can now begin to actually live the real American Dream, instead of helping someone else live it.

Helmsie is one of those dreams, and it’s a story that we want people to know about.

Here at the Southern Blueprint we try to promote and showcase all the talented people that live in this beautiful area, and although we typically don’t highlight this type of product, we think it’s a worth-wild endeavor, and something that we hope people will support.


Helmsie looks to provide thoughtful, Southern inspired products for littles, parents, and people who love the South.  In the current marketplace, there is a shortage of baby and kid products that blend seamlessly with the style of those who love a soft and fresh color palette. Helmsie hopes to fill a little of that gap.


Owners Karla and Sarah first met living right down the road from one another in Athens, Georgia in a neighborhood called Normaltown. Karla is a surface designer who lives for a good repeat pattern. She has years of experience designing products for various brands including wallpaper for Hygge + West. Sarah is an engineer who collects a small town’s worth of vintage jewelry. She primarily handles the business side of things for the brand.
After many years of wanting to collaborate on a project, they decided to go all in and start a business. Helmsie is the result of years of dear friendship and a desire to see functional and beautiful products in the marketplace.  When they found themselves new mothers several years ago, their focus became clear: creating Southern inspired, fun and stylish kid products that they would want to buy and have in their homes. Karla and Sarah love adding their unique and collected view of the South, much of which is inspired by Georgia living, to their products.
Helmsie’s hope is that the brand reflects the rich and unique culture of the South. It is important to Karla and Sarah that Helmsie showcase a new South that is modern and welcoming, yet still boasts of rich colors, style, and timeless charm for which it is known.
Helmsie launched a couple of weeks ago and their first product, Not Your Momma’s Alphabet Cards, is available for preorder on Kickstarter now. Backers of the campaign receive significant discounts on multiple sets of the ABC cards and their fine art prints.

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  1. Matt,

    The post looks great! Thanks again for your help! Would you mind to send me a mailing address where you could receive a thank you?

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