White Cheddar & Gouda Pimento Cheese

I have been in a love affair with pimento cheese for the past couple of years. I have to admit, growing up I really did not like the stuff. The kind we had as a kid came from the grocery store, it smelled weird and had a strange aftertaste. My new love affair began after a trip to Whole Foods in NC where I happened to find an amazing local brand called My Three Sons. I tried their Spicy White Cheddar and it was absolutely heavenly. I may or may not have eaten the whole container by myself…

I loved this stuff so much that I decided to try to recreate it at home. Gouda is one of my all-time favorite cheeses and makes everything extra delicious, so adding it was a no-brainer. This pimento cheese is creamy and flavorful. It is amazing by itself, with crackers or if you are feeling extra fancy, add it to your BLT sandwich… Mmmmmm!

Pimento Cheese


1/4 c. Cream Cheese, room temp

1/2 c. Duke’s Mayo

1/2 c. Sour Cream

1 c. Gouda, shredded

1 c. Sharp White Cheddar, shredded

1/2 c. Sharp Cheddar, shredded

1/4 c. Parmesan Cheese, grated

1/2 c. Pimentos, drained & diced

1/4 tsp. Garlic Powder

Salt & Pepper, to taste

Dash of Hot Sauce or Pepperoncini Juice

Place room temperature cream cheese into a large mixing bowl and whip on low speed until creamy. Add mayo, sour cream, garlic powder, salt & pepper. Mix until smooth. Stir in cheeses and pimentos. Add in hot sauce or pepperoncini juice, if you want a little kick. Mix to combine, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes, or until ready to serve.


* Recipe adapted from The Master’s Pimento Cheese on plainchicken.com

Be sure to check out Candice’s website for more amazing recipes! Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram

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