Earlier today while looking outside on this gray and dismal day, I couldn’t help to think about this past summer when I visited the NC Museum of Art. The Museum of Art is something that I think a lot of people tend to look over. There’s lots of different sections inside and out. A personal favorite is the Park and the trails that hook up to the Capital Area Greenway. The museum is a fantastic attraction located in West Raleigh, near the State Fairgrounds. Also, some of the areas are completely free!


On this particular day, there were two fantastic exhibits going on: “0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art” and “Dwelling: Interiors by Page H. Laughlin and Pamela Pecchio.” Both were incredible but my new favorite artist is Page H. Laughlin, a professor at Wake Forest University. Her execution and implementation of colors left me breathless. I could have stared at her pinks and blues all day. After further research, I was surprised to read that she was recreating interiors from popular high-end design magazines and she plays around the the fantasy of materialism. Ironically enough, her color schemes would work well in my one bedroom apartment above my hand-me-down mail table.


After parading in and out of the museum, it was time to grub. I looked at my watch and was disappointed to realize that Iris, the on-site restaurant at the museum had closed. This called for a backup plan and I knew just the place: Mitch’s Tavern. To get to Mitch’s, you must brave the parking on Hillsborough St. and the creaky stairs (it’s located on the second floor). Most people may know Mitch’s for the scene in Bull Durham, others may know it for their outstanding service. One thing everyone should know it for is their Real Cuban Sandwich.

This is literally one of the best Cubans I’ve ever had in my life. Everything about it is perfect. The pork is super tender, the ham is to die for, the pickles, the mustard, the cheese! All on the most amazing slices of bread. All of the favors are married in a beautiful scene that would turn any doubter into a true believer. It’s perfect.

So perfect, that I forgot to take a picture of it. (Or, was it the jalapeno beer?) Whatever you do, go to Mitch’s, sit at the copper table, and order the Cuban. Your life will change and your wallet will love you. The Real Cuban is only $6.95 and comes with chips.


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